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Christopher Columbus – Mariner

Summary and review essay writing service for students of Samuel Eliot Morison’s business plan writing service book « Christopher Columbus – Mariner ».

This paper provides an analysis and positive review of Samuel Eliot Morison’s book « Christopher Columbus – Mariner ». It discusses the perspective from which Morison wrote his book and summarizes its main points, noting the author’s frequent allusions to God, to Jesus Christ and to Christianity.

I choose this book because I have always been fascinated with the combined qualities of courage, intelligence, smart seamanship, leadership and unflagging optimism a man like Christopher Columbus was blessed with. Finding the New World » by sailing west in relatively fragile vessels, with so many unknowns (do we have ample provisions; are the sailors adequately trained for the arduous and dangerous voyage ahead; will we be shipwrecked in a vicious storm; what reception will we receive from natives?), surely positions Columbus among the greatest adventurers and most accomplished visionaries in human history. And indeed, I believe Columbus’s courage was far greater than the courage of a Charles Lindbergh, or a John Glenn, the first American to orbit the earth, or even Neil Armstrong’s Apollo 12 flight to the moon and back: those men knew where they were going and something about what it was like to be on those missions, whereas Columbus was simply looking for the Orient with sails as power, the stars as navigational aids, and a burning dream, and was tossing the dice into the deep blue sea to find his way. »

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